When it comes to women, the most important thing is to super size the friendship right? Give more gifts, pay for more dinners, and keep her happy no matter what! RIGHT? Hmmm, WRONG! Women aren’t sexually attracted to the man who has ideas in his head like I described above. Women want men to be men! They want men who are strong in their identity and not seeking validation from them. I’ve personally asked a ton of them. I’ve studied with the best in the dating advice business. I’ve personally had the multiple girlfriends, threesomes and foursomes, I’ve taught women to squirt and how to be orgasmic in the first place. I’ve done what most men fantasize about and I want men to feel comfortable doing what I’ve done and more if they want to. I’ve been studying sexuality and relationships most of my life. I wasn’t always good at them even though I knew a lot. When push came to shove, I was NEEDY! What it took for me to get good with women, good with myself around them, and good being honest about what I want, was to come to grips with what women desire most in a man. I had to become a man. I’m sure you know what it’s like to be in a room when a real man, a man who lives in his balls, who walks his talk in the way that only a true man can. The whole room can feel his presence. People sit in rapt attention when he tells his stories. Then what happens? Since he has sexual choice he can walk the room and greet everyone with complete confidence or just kick back and see who is interested in him. I don’t know what you want out of the time you spend with women; I do know that the qualities of manhood most women are interested in are > Charisma, social and sexual power and charm > Purpose, having a defined reason and direction to life > Animalistic, coming from that primal place that accepts the depth of your woman’s sexuality > Self affirmed, not relying on her moods to keep you centered These are things a woman can’t teach. Your mom could not have ever taught you this stuff. This is not about how to be a “good boy”. How is a girl or your mother going to help you make the break from women that is needed in order to walk among the real men? Every primitive society that has survived this long, long enough to be studied, has a way to bring boys into manhood. Manhood is not always assumed. When becoming a man, the boys are separated from their mothers and the women. They are brought into the community of men and there they are put through a trial. They must learn to be men and must cut the apron strings, the cord, with their mothers. They are given a trial of pain and accomplishment to teach their psyche that they are no longer dependent on the women. A man who has undergone such separation and established himself as a valuable asset in the community and a valuable asset to himself can begin to lead. He can lead himself, and he can lead his woman or women as the case may be, he can lead a famly. Imagine being so together as a man that you aren’t threatened or pulled in by a woman’s emotional juggernauts, by her ups and downs. Imagine being so together as a man that you can lead your woman to bed whenever you want and have her enjoy it beyond anything else. *Imagine having choice with women, *Having control sexually, *Knowing the right things to say and the most effective ways to handle her emotional outbursts. This is what you’ve always wanted to perfect. Isn’t it? Sexual choice? Get this handled and the rest of the things in your live will be easier. Sign up for this meetup and join us for these workshops and learn among men what you need to know. for more information read this blog… Don’t be like this…. “But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another, but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” Kahlil Gibran