Love Explosion

Love Explosion is the name of our dating program which combines a transformational men’s program along with it’s feminine counterpart in order to ultimately connect men and women on a deeper level for lasting and fulfilling relationships.  They are Men’s Inner Game and Deep Feminine Radiance.  Men’s Inner Game is designed to for men to learn self mastery and become the leaders that they need to be in order to be in their complete masculine energy. Deep Feminine Radiance is a program designed for women to discover and explore their inner goddess, their deepest feminine radiance and benefit themselves and others through this.  You will become fully empowered as a woman and come to fully realize your value and power through expressing your self fully and discovering all of you so that you can more fully give and live. These two programs create a completely balanced and fulfilled emotional life of pleasure for both men and women, which will also have positive influence in all areas of your life and your partner’s.