The Energy of the World and Yours

The Energy of the World and Yours

The energy of the world and yours, how do these two energies interact with each other? Most people know that the Earth has a certain energy field, a magnetic field. I think most people also know that there is a certain energy field that humans, animals, plants, and virtually every living thing have. As a […] Read More

Use Your New NLP Skills

Another reason to begin practicing what you learn right away is the extensive skill set that an NLP Training gives you. You’ve learned so much that you’ll want to reinforce that knowledge.

discover nlp

Discover NLP!

I had never heard of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). When I did, I discovered that there IS a way to put a rhyme and reason to our actions, reactions, and everything else people do. How often have you had some sort of miscommunication, comment that was taken wrong, or a phrase taken out of context? These […] Read More

hypnosis or NLP

Hypnosis or NLP?

Which is better?  Hypnosis or NLP? Is this even a real discussion?  NLP is a collection of tools or techniques that came from modeling highly successful people in the realm of psychiatry, sociology, and any number of other disciplines by now. Hypnosis is only one of the disciplines NLP has modeled in Dr. Milton Erickson MD, a renowned psychiatrist who […] Read More

7 Inner Things For Outer Beauty

Ladies ~ 7 Inner Things For Outer Beauty!

Being beautiful is something that comes from the inside and shines out. It’s one thing to be physically attractive, but to really have that so called beauty, there are certain qualities that give you an extra glow! These things will give you an added confidence and an extra boost to your overall demeanor. If you […] Read More

Grab Hold of Your Future

Grab Hold of Your Future!

Stop your imagination from running amok and get control of your future! See those pictures in your head, the ones that come up when someone is describing something or when you have an idea in mind. The colors, pictures, sounds, and feelings you get when someone is describing something, all those things, have an impact […] Read More

NLP Basics: Eye Accessing Cues

Eye movements may reveal what a person is thinking. Here are eye accessing cues for you to remember. We may find which parts of a conversation are making another person uncomfortable and cause them to remember something or imagine new possibilities. This relies on sensory acuity as much as any part of NLP. Paying attention […] Read More

Intro to NLP: Use of Metaphors

Pace experience without matching or being is so similar that the conscious mind does the work.  Keep it in the realm of the unconscious. 1. Use characters that will need similar resources 2. Maintain rapport as appropriate 3. Use corollary examples 4. Have an outcome in mind, either from the client’s suggestion, one of your […] Read More

Your Voice Says A lot!

We feel what we are hearing. The qualities of sound around us can affect what state we are in. Therefore the voice and it’s qualities are important in anything we say. Sure the words have meaning and impact, but the vocal qualities have more..
Try different ways of making vowels and see which feels best.
Vary length of vowel as well as other qualities.
Vary the pitch, make it higher and lower.
Relax the neck, tongue, and jaw as well as the sinuses, relax your chest..