BlackOps Sales and Persuasion:

  DJ is the creator of BlackOps sales and persuasion.  After a successful career with American Express working in their high balance credit and collections He recognized that  persuasion was a major concern for all businesses.  In fact, it may be more important than the product it’s self or how well connected the owners are. NLP addresses this by having modeled Ben Feldman who according to Wikipedia was one of the most prolific sales people in world history.  He sold nearly two Billion dollars of insurance policies for New York Life from 1942 to his death in 1993. He once held the world record for the most products sold (by value) by a salesman in a career, a year One Hundred Million, and in a single day Twenty Million.   At the time, these sales totals were equaled only by the entire sales forces of other insurance companies Through modeling the most successful people in the world NLP creates pathways and strategies used by experts in their field.  By adopting and incorporating those strategies and patterns we can now all achieve well beyond the pioneers. When it comes to persuasion all avenues and areas explored by NLP have something to contribute.  Persuasion encompasses a wide variety of components because it is emotional, intellectual, and when done correctly directly connected to desire. What we can learn from the great sales people is that they use their body and voice to connect with the prospect.  They elicit the prospects deepest desire and connect their product to that. Preventing objections consists of only a few items and can be easily done with some suggestions and framing.  This is all done early in the sales process so that it is an inoculation rather than clean up.  Sales processes go much more smoothly this way and more often result in a completed transaction. So there it is, 3 steps to sales, Connect, Create Desire, and Inoculate against Objections. Closing is the simple part because the prospect has already used their own filters and desire to reach the conclusion that they will buy. Both programs and group coaching are available for this.  Call for a schedule of the coaching programs 602-859-8889.