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The NLP Institute of Arizona was founded to help people manage their own lives for optimal success in three key areas, health, wealth, and relationships. Whether you are wanting an introduction to NLP with one of our inexpensive introductory products or taking on the whole ball of wax with our $115,000 total personality alignment you can be confident in getting the results you want. The NLP Institute was started with the hopes of bringing knowledge and wisdom to the public. Wisdom about leadership, purpose and identity. Knowledge about our patterns and how to change them. The best way to find out about our events and products is to sign up for our mailing list and get your free NLP gift. Personal Actualization is the name of the game whether it’s in the arena of health, wealth, or relationships. We offer alignment of purpose with identity, beliefs, and values. See the Personal Actualization in the products area and look for more events on this topic in the event pages. High quality communication is essential for leadership, quality relationships, and persuasion. Neuro Linguistic Programming has modeled many excellent communicators and has the best collection of tools anywhere for communication excellence. These are available in many of the products and classes we offer. See “BlackOps Sales and Persuasion” in our programs area and look for new BlackOps events for help influencing or persuading. Relationships, long thought difficult become much easier and meaningful when practiced with insight and assistance available from DJ and the other trainers at the NLP Institute of Arizona. You’ll be pleasantly surprised whether you are wanting to date, marry, or repair a damaged relationship. We have several programs to bring you together harmoniously and keep the intimacy growing over a lifetime. When it comes to health our neurology carries the messages throughout our bodies and our bodies are highly susceptible to our thoughts and moods. We don’t claim to be a replacement for your doctor. We do acknowledge the power of your mind and our effective patterns in creating health.

Founder ~ DJ Pritchard

Known for his insight and ability to put ideas together in new and effective ways,

DJ Pritchard is a native Arizonan who has always had a fascination with the mind. Since the young age of six he’s been investigating beliefs and exploring the depths of his own mind.

Having spent much of his youth in Sedona he feels a deep connection with nature.

He has studied many religions and styles of belief throughout his life including Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity.

He owned and used a sensory isolation tank, lived in communes, served in the army, worked for major corporations and has been self employed as a licensed contractor. DJ has followed the Grateful Dead and gotten clean in a 12 step program over 20 years ago.

He has explored Gestalt, Cognitive therapy, Inner Child, and various other modalities, and completed Psi Seminars including Leadership.

DJ’s mentors and teachers include The Dalai Lama, , Richard Bandler, Timothy Leary,  Wyatt Woodsmall, Ram Das, and Dr. Hew Lin.

DJ created BlackOps Sales, Mens Inner Game, and Deep Feminine Radiance programs.

His personal mission statement can be summed up with the following words “Be Awake and Help Others Awaken” This means you’ll get his light as well as his knowledge.

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